Site developmentSite Development

Here at Ted Rudiger Jr. Excavation we can help you with all of your land clearing needs. From taking out one tree or one acre or more, we are your one stop contractor.

Site development services include – Road-project_300

  • Grading – Backfill
  • Foundation excavations
  • Sewer and water installations
  • Storm drainage systems
  • Erosion control
  • Driveways, curbs and sidewalks

Concrete Work

We specialize in all types of concrete work. There’s no job to big or too small.

Concrete sidewalk workWe can help you with –

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking lots
  • Building/RV slabs
  • Retaining wall
  • Curbs & Gutters
  • Stamped concrete
  • Concrete cutting

Site demolition in progressDemolition Services

Our demolition services include –

  • Home demolition
  • Full concrete slab home demolition
  • Concrete driveway demolition
  • Mobile home
  • All types of parking lots
  • Property clean-up
  • Pool demolition
  • Job site clean-up
  • Haul away

Sewer Services

We are a full service repair service where we identify sewer problems, and repairing and replacing sewer pipes. We work with homeowners and businesses to pinpoint problems and develop a plan to fix or clear drain and sewer lines.

New_Trackhoe_600The biggest drain on a property is the main sewer line. All drainpipes from a property flow to the main sewer lines. When operating properly, the main sewer line will then flow to the city’s sewer line. However, in real life sewer line problems do occur.

The Sewer Services we provide –

  • Sewer line installation
  • Connection
  • Repair
  • Replacement

Landscape Services


Our Landscape Services include –

  • Brick pavers
  • Hardscapes
  • Cobblestone pathways/entryways/stairway
  • Retaining walls
  • Sprinkler systems
  • French drains
  • Water feature installations