About Ted Rudiger Jr.

Ted and Robin Rudiger, Owners of Ted Rudiger Excavation I have been doing excavation since I was 8 years old, working with both my grandfather and father, who have since passed. With 40 years of experience under my belt, and loving what I do, I strive to keep our simple goal “Looking after the best interests of our customers”.

Beyond our years of vast experience, beyond project logistics, and beyond our technical expertise, our clients consider us partners. We are a trusted excavating company who collaborates with clients to address issues, provide solutions, and solve problems. Our commitment to service in every aspect of our business is the reason why our clients choose us over and over again.

Safety is the first and foremost concern on my mind whenever I start working on a project. That is why my experienced company enforces strict safety standards every step of the way. The reviews posted by our valued clients are testament to our dependability, quality service, and timely project completion.

I am proud to offer a complete line of services to meet your projects unique requirements.